Who’s Billy Sterg?

Billy Sterg is a singer songwriter with a really impressive broad range: His songs can be emotional, nostalgic and sentimental, but at the same time, they can be very upbeat, catchy, energetic and easy listening. This is an accomplished songwriter whose wide range of interests allow him to avoid getting stuck in a box with his own compositions, and reach a very organic and distinctive sound. 

Billy was born in Greece, but grew up half the world away from his birthplace, in Melbourne, Australia, where he currently lives and works. Billy has been performing and making music for a long time, cultivating a deep relationship with the local music scenes, performing as much as possible within circuits and venues as diverse as local pubs, churches, theatres and halls; wearing the hat of the solo performer, as well as collaborating with bands, choirs and other musical ensembles throughout his lively and colourful performing career. 
Such a diverse performing background led Billy to develop his own brand of music and songwriting: His music is direct and simple, yet distinctive and charismatic, thanks to a wide and diverse range of influences. The impressive dualism between a kaleidoscopic and eclectic mindset and his catchy and immediate song-writing approach is probably Billy's winning card. In this day and age, very few artists sadly consider what really matters in a song: it is not about the fanciest studio tricks or the latest Photoshop album cover: true music is all about feelings, and Billy learned this lesson very well. 

Singles the likes of "Nothing Lasts Forever" are timeless and emotional: the music could be compared to a mix of Sting and Bruce Springsteen, with a completely personal and unique vibe. Clean, warm electric guitars create beautiful patterns with Billy's melancholic lyrics and melodic vocals; boosted by a tight and rich rhythm section and backing vocal layers.