Billy Sterg - singer/songwriter

What really matters in a song?
MUSIC is not about the fanciest studio tricks or the latest Photoshop album cover: It's about making a connection - to a person or an audience. A song is about an idea, a message, an emotion. It's about a feeling, and Billy Sterg has learned this lesson well. Billy’s songs all feature immediately catchy lyrics and simple yet charismatic melodies.

Billy Sterg's music is wide ranging and diverse, with many influences.
It can be best described as a mix of adult contemporay and easy listening, with a touch of pop/rock, country and a bit of folk.

  • "…timeless and emotional: the music could be compared to a mix of Sting and Bruce Springsteen, with a completely personal and unique vibe. Clean, warm electric guitars create beautiful patterns with Billy's melancholic lyrics and melodic vocals; boosted by a tight and rich rhythm section and backing vocal layers. The impressive dualism between a kaleidoscopic and eclectic mindset and his catchy and immediate song-writing approach is probably Billy's winning card."
  •  "I like this-- I can't  get it out of my head."
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